‘Cheer’ Coach Monica Aldama Opens Up Emmy Nominations And A Possible Season 2

by Angela Andaloro

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Cheer, you’re seriously missing out. The docuseries followed the wildly impressive and winning Navarro College cheer team through one of their seasons.

The grind never stopped in that gym, through tears, injuries, and more.

Monica Aldama is their fearless leader. The coach is a woman who pushes for greatness and knows how to bring it out of people, and she’s thrilled with the reception of the docuseries. Cheer not only racked up views on Netflix and a renewed respect for cheerleading across the country, but it also picked up a few Emmy nominations along the way. Actually, it’s six to be exact.

Cheer has been nominated in six categories: Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Program, Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program, Outstanding Sound Editing for a Nonfiction or Reality Program, Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Nonfiction or Reality Program, Outstanding Picture Editing for an Unstructured Reality Program, and Outstanding Directing for a Reality Program.

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight, Monica explained what she felt made Cheer so special to audiences. “I think it’s a lot of things, but basically the fact that these kids come together that have overcome so many hardships in their lives. The fact that you can be successful no matter what you’ve overcome or no matter where you come from or no matter what your past is,” Monica noted.

“Your past does not define you. If you surround yourself with the right people, you can be lifted up and be successful.”

Monica says that the season’s team has been so excited about the nominations. She reflected on how meaningful taking home an Emmy would be. “It would mean everything,” she said. “Anytime you can be awarded for something it’s a symbol that you’ve done something right. That’s why we work so hard for trophies. It’s not about the medal, it’s about the significance of what it means.”

Fans have been hoping they’d get to see another season of Monica and the incredible Navarro College cheer program. Monica says nothing is in the works just yet, but she’d absolutely be on board.

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