Mom Of 6 Hasn’t Smiled For 7 Years, Then She Meets A Doctor Who Changes Her Life

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Susan is a devoted mother of six, but her life has been broken and her smile hasn’t been seen for over seven years.

She had missing and chipped teeth, and she was ashamed of the way she looked. On interviews, she’d look down, and she never wanted anyone to watch her if she laughed.

A smile is something you should share with the world, and The Doctors helped her get to do that again.

On the show, Dr. Karent Sierra decided to give her the “perfect smile”‘ and change her life forever. The team didn’t stop there. They gave her a whole new look, including hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

When she looked in the mirror, she smiled, and when she realized the change in herself, she cried.

This transformation is absolutely stunning, and we all can hope that this change helps her get her life back on track and living in a positive light!

Everyone has insecurities about themselves, and sometimes we can’t do anything to change them because of our financial status, or just the fact that some of those insecurities are something that we have to mentally change. So, when things like this happen for moms, women, and men, who deserve a good fresh start, it’s heartwarming to see their reactions.

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