Moms Are Super Into Skin Care Right Now — Here’s What’s Actually Worth The Money

by Sarah Bregel
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Wellness trends can be hit or miss, but when it comes to caring for your skin, there’s always a good reason to put in the extra effort.

Whether you’re hoping to decrease your wrinkles, clear up dry or oily skin, or just practice some preventative care, it’s definitely a healthy practice to show your outer layer some love, and you can do that with the right skin care products.

Since we’ve all been (more or less) at home for months on end, moms have been getting into skin care. Like … really into skin care — myself included. Ads on Facebook and Instagram definitely don’t hurt when it comes to introducing us to all kinds of new products.

And these days, there are so many items to choose from. There are almost too many that we really don’t know what to snag and what we’d be better off skipping.

Because I’m fairly deep into the skin care trend, I’ve found tons of great products lately, and that’s at least one productive thing I’ve done (aside from keeping my kids alive) since March.

Here are 12 amazing skin care products worth trying.

1. Vitamin E Oil by JĀSÖN

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It’s important for your skin to be nourished, and vitamin E oil is one of the best ways to nourish it. I use this oil once a day on my face, and it’s really gone a long way to make my skin a little more hydrated. I love it because I can use it all over my whole body, too. It has no parabens or sulfates, and it’s completely natural.

Shop Now: Vitamin E Oil by JĀSÖN (Walmart, $9.29)

2. AcneDote by Alba Botanica

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I’ve come across some miracle products in my life. But due to the dreaded newfound skin problem known as “maskne” (mask-induced acne breakouts), I really needed a new miracle. I got my hands on some AcneDote, which claimed it would reduce breakouts in eight hours. I applied it all over my face, and to my shock, the next day my skin was so much clearer. It’s definitely a deep clean, so you won’t want to overuse this one, but it will certainly be money well spent.

Shop Now: AcneDote (Target, $6.29)

3. Night of Olay Firming Cream

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I’m not sure what the appropriate age to try out a night cream is. But I turned 35 in March and decided, why not? I picked up a jar of Olay firming cream in the supermarket and gave it a go. Really, I just wanted something that would help delay my wrinkles and bit and give my skin a healthy appearance. This cream definitely does the trick.

Shop Now: Olay Firming Night Cream (Olay, $5.99)

4. St. Ives Acne Control Apricot Scrub

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Everyone needs a quality face scrub. I have a few that I alternate between and have recently discovered some new ones that are all great in different ways. My go-to product has always been St. Ives Apricot Acne Control Scrub. I typically use it in the shower every day, and it sloughs off all that dead skin and leaves me feeling fresh and smooth.

Shop Now: St. Ives Acne Control (Walmart, $3.97)

5. Hawaiian Detox Scrub by Alba Botanica

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The other scrub I’m pretty much obsessed with feels totally different. It’s called Hawaiian Detox Scrub, and it’s completely amazing. It’s made with volcanic clay, and you can feel it heating up as you use it to wash your face. It feels amazing and totally refreshing!

Shop Now: Hawaiian Detox Scrub by Alba Botanica (Walmart, $7.90)

6. Brightening Facial Scrub by ACURE

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It’s really hard to say which scrub I love the most, but when it comes to clearing up breakouts, this one is amazing. The scrub is definitely harder-working than some of the other ones on the market, and it’s very coarse. It’s made with sea kelp and French green clay and is definitely worth the money.

Shop Now: Brightening Face Scrub by ACURE (Target, $9.99)

7. Soothing Clear Tumeric Cleanser by Neutrogena

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This product worked wonders in calming down my broken out, maskne-covered summer skin. I used it just a couple of times and could see that so much blotchiness was almost instantly gone from my face! It’s downright amazing, and I’m a fan for life.

Shop Now: Soothing Clear Tumeric Cleanser by Neutrogena (Walmart, $6.97)

8. Yes to Cucumbers Paper Mask

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Paper face masks have become super popular lately, and with good reason! They can be incredible at both leaving skin nourished and hydrated and helping acne-prone skin. One of my favorite paper masks is the Yes to Cucumbers mask because it feels so refreshing, cools and calms skin, and smells great, too!

Shop Now: Yes to Cucumbers Mask (Target, $2.59)

9. Rose Quartz and Charcoal Cleanser by Bioré

9. Rose Quartz and Charcoal Cleanser by Bioré

A purifying cleanser is so important to have around. This one is just gentle enough, but it also feels like your skin is getting super clean and nourished. It’s best for oily skin, so the summer months are a great time to use it to help keep you clear. But you can really use it anytime, and you should, because it leaves you super glowy and fresh.

Shop Now: Bioré Rose Quartz Cleanser (Target, $6.49)

10. Avarelle Acne Cover Patches

10. Avarelle Acne Cover Patches

From time to time, everyone breaks out. When you have a pimple, the worst thing to do is squeeze it, but it can be tough to resist the urge. Instead of scarring your skin, covering it with one of these patches will help you heal quicker and leave your face alone!

Shop Now: Avarelle Acne Cover Patches (CVS, $8.49)

11. Mango Body Butter

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Faces are important, but don’t neglect the rest of your skin! The winter months will be here before we know it, and that means dry, flaky skin for most of us. You can avoid that altogether with an amazing body butter. This one by The Body Shop is super rich and creamy, and it smells incredible!

Shop Now: Mango Body Butter (The Body Shop, $6)

12. Honest Makeup Remover Wipes

12. Honest Makeup Remover Wipes

Not all makeup remover is the same. Many have tons of harsh chemicals that you may not want to put on your face in order to take off your concealer at the end of the day. These wipes by Honest won’t damage your skin because they are totally natural but still work great.

Shop Now: Honest Makeup Remover Wipes (Honest, $6.99)

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