Mom’s Plea To Help Find ‘Heartbroken’ Daughter’s Missing Stuffed Giraffe Sweeps Twitter

by Angela Andaloro

Traveling can be tough for kids. Crowded, noisy airports can be overwhelming for young children, so many bring a companion along for the trip to comfort them during the stressful process.

One little girl traveling through Logan Airport in Boston was devastated when she lost her trusty companion during her travels.

Erica Fletcher did what any mom looking to comfort her child would — she asked for help. She took to social media to ask travelers to keep an eye out for her daughter’s beloved bestie: “We lost our daughter’s lifetime favorite toy today in Terminal B of Boston Logan, this adorable pink baby giraffe. Daughter is heartbroken.

Name tag sticker says Thacher. If found, pls contact me! @BostonLogan.”

The giraffe, which goes by Hornzy Twigs, immediately caught the heart of social media users, as people retweeted Erica’s plea for help. She followed up with a drawing her daughter made of the missing stuffed animal, adding “We were in terminal B between the sidewalk and the American Airlines check in area. The giraffe’s name is Hornzy Twigs. (Our last name is Thacher.) Here is a sketch by my daughter. I reported to @BostonLogan lost & found already.”

People are spreading the word to try and reunite Erica’s daughter with Hornzy Twigs using the hashtag #BringHornzyHome. Despite over 16,000 retweets, Hornzy still hasn’t found his way home. Erica isn’t giving up hope. She’s been keeping her followers posted on efforts to find the pink giraffe. While many parents have suggested replacements, and a few kids have offered up friends of their own to the lonely girl missing her buddy, Erica is holding out hope that the social media reach of the story will help bring Hornzy home. Check out the picture of this pink giraffe in the video below, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled if you’re traveling through Terminal B of Logan Airport…

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