Couple Wears 60-Inch-Wide Wedding Gown To Reveal How Much Weight Wife Lost

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

When it comes to losing weight, everyone’s journey is a little different.

Some people achieve success right away while others have to work for months or even years to achieve the results they want.

This was the case for Beckah Henning, who had to work through years of weight fluctuation to achieve the body she wanted — even after getting a gastric bypass.

But once she reached her goal, she wanted to show off her new body to the world, just like this brave mother did.

So she and her husband dug out her wedding dress from 16 years ago and planned a picture that would double as an anniversary announcement and a weight-loss celebration.

They both stepped into her 60-inch waist wedding dress — displaying what she looked like at their wedding compared to what she looks like now.

Learn more about Beckah’s weight loss journey, as well as the amazing anniversary photo below.

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At her heaviest, Beckah Henning weighed 403 pounds.

After marrying her husband Clyde, she pursued gastric bypass surgery to help her lose 130 pounds.

This is because she and her husband were struggling to conceive, and her weight hindered her from taking the fertility medication she needed.

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She attributed the weight gain to the long hours she was working, coupled with an unhealthy diet.

“Before there were times when I was only eating once or twice a day, they weren’t always the healthiest choices and I wasn’t eating enough to help my body and I reckon my metabolism was probably working backwards,” she told Daily Mail.

This caused her to become extremely self-conscious and prevented her from doing things shat she loved like going on roller coasters

“The first incident, I was really upset about and wrote a six-page letter, expressing my anger that it was unfair how some rides were not accessible to larger guests,” she explained.

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But after the surgery, she was able to give birth to her son Cole, and she began to gain back the pounds.

Then she decided to hire a personal trainer and significantly alter her diet and lifestyle choices.

This allowed her an even bigger weight loss than before, and she dropped to 190 pounds!

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But the incredible weight loss left her with a lot of excess skin, painful sores, and hygiene issues.

“Even after losing 200 pounds, I still always looked pregnant because of my excess skin,” she said.

She eventually solved that with a $15,000 tummy tuck and arm and thigh lifts.

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After finally achieving the body she’d always wanted, Beckah and Clyde discussed their upcoming 16th wedding anniversary.

“I made a bet with him that both of us would be able to fit into it at the same time now that I had lost so much weight,” she explained.

They decided to give it a try, slipping into her 60-inch waist wedding dress while 7-year-old Cole snapped the picture.

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The photo ended up going viral with thousands of likes from strangers commending Beckah on her amazing transformation.

Even her son was in disbelief, amazed that the wedding dress even belonged to her.

“I want to be here for my little one, I want to see him have kids and hopefully I can do that now,” Beckah beamed.

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She is even able to get on roller coasters again!

She went last year with her son and, despite losing half her body weight, was still nervous that she wouldn’t be able to fit.

Fortunately, she was safely buckled in and the entire ride from then on “felt incredible.”

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Beckah is also using her weight loss as a way to inspire people via her Instagram account.

Though it took her a few times to succeed, Beckah was able to achieve her perfect body and celebrate it with her family and the rest of the world.

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