Mom Worries Buying 10 Christmas Gifts Per Kid Is ‘Too Stingy’ Until Another Admits She Gives 50

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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The holidays can be super stressful, especially as a mom.

From setting up Christmas dinner to ensuring everyone gets along to checking everyone off your gift list, it seems like the “Holidays To-do List” never ends.

One of the best ways to get ahead of the Christmas stress is to start planning early, especially when it comes to gift buying.

One mom in the UK was trying to do exactly that when she realized something: she had no idea how many gifts to get her children.

This will be this mom’s first Christmas as a mother of two, and she’s worried about making sure both her kids get the same amount of presents this year.

She plans to get each kid 10 gifts this year, then she decided to ask other moms if they thought that would be enough.

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A Charlie Brown Christmas

There’s a lot to think about come Christmastime.

One of those things is gift buying.

Hoping to get ahead of the holiday rush, some people are already thinking about (or shopping for) Christmas gifts.

One of those people is MrEBear, a user of

Mom's question about Christmas gifts

MrEBear has two children. One is 7 years old, and the other is a new baby.

This year, she’s worried about Christmas presents because she wants to be sure each of her children get the same amount of gifts.

Gifts under Christmas tree

MrEBear guessed that about 10 presents per child would be enough, but wondered if other moms gave their children more, so she reached out online to see what others had to say.

Responses to Christmas gift question

The response was quick — but surprisingly varied! Ten gifts sure does sound like a lot to me, and some moms agreed.

Responses to Christmas gift present

Others were proud to admit that they get their children even more than 10 gifts each. When you include presents from relatives and family friends, that adds up to quite a few Christmas gifts!

Christmas tree with gifts

Some moms said that you should aim to spend the same amount of money per child, not get the same number of things.

Christmas stockings

Of course, 10 small presents is quite different from 10 large presents. If you add up all the little things inside a Christmas stocking, it probably does make 10 gifts, but MrEBear didn’t specify.

What do you think? Is 1o gifts just right, way too many, or not nearly enough?

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