Struggling Mom With 2 Jobs, 3 Kids And No Car Sees Group Of Strangers Standing There With A Gift

by Amy Paige
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Life hasn’t been easy for Jasmine, a single mom from Philadelphia. Jasmine has three kids to raise and works two jobs to pay the bills.

Her mornings start at 5 a.m. She drops off the kids at three different places before heading to her first job.

And she’s been doing all of it without a car.

Jasmine would spend an average of five hours on the bus every day to run all the necessary errands, get to work and home, and get her kids wherever they needed to go. “I don’t like to apply to farther jobs because I can’t get there with my schedule with my kids,” she said.

She’d often feel so helpless that she could do nothing but cry and pray — but her love for her children always kept her going.

“I would go to the moon and back for my kids,” Jasmine told Project Spark. “I try to give them everything that I didn’t have. Giving back is important.”

Having her own mode of transportation would have been an absolute blessing.

In the video below, a group of incredible people work together to give Jasmine and her children the gift they’d been praying for.

It’s moments like this one that really help to restore one’s faith in humanity.

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