Mom Posts Photo Breastfeeding Her Nephew While Sister Is At Work To Defend Wet-Nursing

by Anna Halkidis
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A mom in Australia went viral after she shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her nephew while her sister was at work.

After failing to feed the little guy with his mom’s expressed milk, Meg Nagle opted to breastfeed the infant herself. And within minutes, the little boy fell fast asleep.

Nagle, an international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), took to her Facebook page to share the moment, which her sister thought was “great.”

“As a working mother, she worries about her baby when she is at work and just wants him to be happy. I had asked her beforehand if she’d want me to breastfeed him if he was unsettled and would not take the bottle, and she said yes, so I did!” the author of Boobin’ All Day… Boobin’ All Night told LittleThings.

But similarly to the mom in Pennsylvania who caused controversy for sharing a photo breastfeeding her friend’s son, some viewers were stunned by Nagle’s photo. Yet, she thinks it’s important to bring awareness to wet-nursing. Sometimes it’s the only option for a parent who can’t offer or produce enough milk, especially since breast milk is considered the most nutritious for infants and helps their immune system.

“This is something we have done for each other since, forever,” she said. “It’s also something many people have done but rarely talk about.”

See the photo below…

Meg Nagle openly discusses everything that relates to breastfeeding on her blog, The Milk MegWhether it’s posts about ways to pump more milk or getting through the holidays with a breastfeeding infant, there’s information breastfeeding mamas have probably had thoughts about.

The conversation also continues on her Facebook group of the same name, where she not only shares constant updates but also posts many photos of her breastfeeding her little one.

However, the mom of three — who has no problem breastfeeding wherever she is — recently gained international attention for one of the photos of her breastfeeding her sister’s child.

“My gorgeous little nephew! While my sister was at work today I tried to give him a bottle of her expressed milk a few times (which he wouldn’t take). I could see he was tired so I popped him on the boob and voilà, he was asleep in minutes,” she wrote as the caption.

The post received an overwhelming amount of support from moms everywhere, some of whom spoke about their own experiences with wet-nursing.

Many women rose to her defense and stood by her decision with supportive comments. But, as expected, some weren’t too thrilled with the idea of a woman breastfeeding another mom’s baby, although Nagle wrote on Facebook that she removes comments that are “not supportive.”

Nagle encourages moms everywhere to get more informed about wet-nursing.

“Many people are not aware of how common this is around the world and how common it was throughout history. This is part of the reason as to why I feel it’s important to talk about. Some people worry about safety,” she told LittleThings. “It is very important that women make informed decisions around milk sharing and wet-nursing. Eats On Feets and Human Milk 4 Human Babies has some great resources and information for women to see the risks and benefits of this. There are very clear guidelines available on what can pass through breast milk so women can make informed choices on how to go about feeding their babies.”

Donor breast milk can be beneficial for parents who can’t offer their own. But a stranger’s milk can also be harmful if the person has an infection or a disease.

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