Woman Recovers Mom’s 1948 Wedding Dress After Accidentally Seeing Lost Photos In Antique Store

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Jane Foster was out shopping when something made her stop short. In the window of an antique shop, some wedding photos were on display. She blinked several times before she could believe her eyes.

It took her a while before she registered that she was looking at her mom’s long-lost vintage wedding photos.

But how did they go missing, to begin with? Along with many other belongings, the photos had been auctioned off in 2003 after her family missed a payment for the storage facility they were being kept in.

You can only imagine how upset Jane must have been at the time. She went searching for them for 14 years before she accidentally found them.

Her heart was relieved, but the owner of the store had another surprise for her. The photos weren’t the only items he’d purchased from that auction. He remembered that he had also bought a wedding dress from 1948, and it turned out that this was Jane’s mother’s dress!

Unfortunately, the woman passed away in 2013 and was therefore unable to be reunited with her prized possessions. But her daughter is thrilled with the fortuitous find. She thinks it’s a sign that her mom is still around and watching over her!

What are the chances that Jane would find both the dress and the photos in the same day?

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