Mom Places Baby For Adoption And 2 Years Later She Says It Was A ‘Trick’ And Wants Her Back

by June Rivers
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We cover many happy and successful adoption stories, but what happens when the process takes a nightmarish turn?

At the age of 22, Kristen decided to place her newborn daughter for adoption by her ex-stepfather, Adam, and his wife, Stacy. The couple had taken Kristen into their home while she was pregnant.

Everything was peaceful at first. Kristen felt confident in her decision and took to Facebook to express her gratitude over the fact that her baby was going to get a better life than she could have provided.

But as time passed, and Kristen became pregnant with a second child, the story took a bizarre twist.

Kristen claimed Adam and Stacy promised to let her be involved in the child’s life — but had been kicked to the curb just one week after her daughter was born. She apparently hadn’t seen the child since. She felt she was manipulated into letting the couple “steal” her baby.

Then came the most shocking accusation of all. Kristen believed she could have been drugged at some point, as she had no recollection of signing the adoption papers or even being pregnant much of the time!

But of course, there are always two sides to every story… it’s just unfortunate an innocent child had to be in the middle of it all.

In the video below from Dr. Phil, Stacy and Adam have a lot to say in response to the “adoption nightmare.” See for yourself, and please SHARE this crazy tale with your friends on Facebook!

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