Strangers Scold Mom For Filling Cart With Unhealthy Groceries So She Shuts Them Down On Facebook

by June Rivers
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Constance Hall has four biological children and two stepchildren. The thirty-something artist and blogger keeps track of her busy life on her popular blog.

Much of her writing encourages people, especially mothers, not to be so quick to judge or shame others.

Recently, Constance returned home from a long vacation. She took her daughter to the grocery store and was tasked with buying enough groceries to feed her large family.

While heading down the aisle, Constance snapped an adorable photo of her daughter smiling wide in the front of the shopping cart.

She didn’t know that posting the image on her Facebook page would lead to an attack by dozens of online trolls.

Scroll down to see why this mom’s one simple photo had fellow parents up in arms…

Constance Hall is a 33-year-old artist and blogger who documents her life and parenting experiences on her popular blog.

Her honest, outspoken nature has earned her millions of loyal online followers.

The busy mom from Perth, Australia, has four biological children and two stepchildren.

From body-image issues to societal expectations, Constance is a strong voice against mommy shaming.

Constance recently returned home from vacation, so she desperately needed to restock her kitchen.

She took her daughter, Snow, and the pair headed off to the grocery store.

While shopping down the aisle, Constance quickly snapped a photo of Snow sitting in the front of the cart, which was filled to the brim with groceries — like eggs, yogurt, bread, butter, and noodles.

Little did she know, her one simple picture would leave her open to nasty criticism.

It wasn’t long before people started commenting on this photo. Online trolls berated Constance for filling her grocery cart with “unhealthy” items.

Strangers even criticized the way she placed the items in her cart.

They called out the fact that her loaf of bread looked squished and that her cart was “poorly organized.”

It seemed Constance couldn’t do anything right!

Constance spent $350 on groceries that day and reminded her readers she has nine people to feed.

Frustrated, she addressed the online trolls head-on:

“Getting mom-judged on your anti-mom judging page,” she wrote on Facebook. “Then everyone attacks the judge-y mum even though you’re an advocate for women sticking together. And if I was to drink the stiff bottle of scotch that this thread made me want to drink I’d be judged for that.”

“The bananas and celery and carrots and potatoes and onions and garlic and mandarins and apples aren’t visible in this picture.

“Should I post the receipt?”

Constance tried to delete the negative comments as they quickly piled up under her shopping cart photo.

Thankfully, many readers came to her defense and told the trolls to back off.

“Seriously peeved about the healthy food comments,” one mother wrote. “I buy my fruit and veg an meat separately to my pantry items so it may look like I buy junk as well.”

This isn’t the first time Constance has been shamed for the food choices she makes for her kids.

For months, Constance had been ordering her 5-year-old son a pre-lunch snack of yogurt and chocolate milk.

One day, Arlo came home and asked her to replace the chocolate milk order with another item because his teachers weren’t allowing him to drink it.

Instead, the chocolate milk was going to waste.

When she spoke to his school, Constance was told her son was only allowed to drink chocolate milk with lunch, not as a snack.

She was stunned by so-called “lunch-shaming.”

Now it’s her grocery cart photo that’s going viral.

Again, this mom is sharing her stories to encourage mothers to support each other, not tear each other down.

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