Mom Gives Birth To One Single Baby. 4 Weeks Later, Doctor’s Baffled When Her Water Breaks Again

by Amy Paige
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Twenty-year-old Arifa Sultana comes from a poor family from Bangladesh. When she and her husband learned they were pregnant, they were overjoyed — yet they were instantly worried about whether or not they’d have the means to raise a child.

Arifa’s husband is a hardworking laborer who earns less than $70 a month. However, they were both determined to give their baby the best life possible.

In late February 2019, Arifa gave birth to a baby boy.

Everything was going well, and the new parents were adapting to their new responsibilities. But just 26 days after their son was born, Arifa began experiencing severe stomach pains.

She was rushed to the hospital. No one could believe it when Arifa’s water broke a second time.

Neither Arifa nor her doctors knew she was born with a very rare condition. Her ob-gyn, Dr. Sheila Poddar, said she had never seen this type of pregnancy before.

Arifa was born with a second womb, also known as a double uterus or uterus didelphys — and she was going into labor with not one more baby, but with twins.

Now experts are sharing her bizarre pregnancy story and explaining how it was possible for Arifa to be pregnant with more babies and not even know it.

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