4 Fluffy ‘Samoyed Siblings’ Help Couple Raise Toddlers, And The Photos Are Doggone Adorable

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Raising two toddlers at the same time is difficult. Taking care of four large Samoyed dogs is also difficult.

But put the two together, and like magic, you have a life that looks like a fairy tale.

Sarah Hegarty’s four Samoyeds — Arthur, Aurora, Shimmer, and Sebastian — have a special bond with her daughters. Her oldest daughter Layla, 1, even learned how to walk while holding onto one of the fluffy pups’ fur. With her youngest daughter, 10-month-old Ruby, the tradition continues.

“Even as a baby the pups would bring [Layla] one of their toys if they heard her crying.

This is now the same with Ruby,” the Perth, Australia, mom told Daily Mail.

“All the dogs absolutely love the girls. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”

Taking care of all these little ones is a lot of work for Sarah and her husband, Aaron Shaw. But they say it’s all worth it.

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Toddlers Layla and Ruby have never known a life without their fluffy playmates.

“Layla was born in October 2016 and Sebastian and Shimmer, who are littermates, July 30th 2016 so they’ve literally grown up together and are exceptionally close,” Sarah said.

For Sarah — a professional dog groomer who specializes in, of course, Samoyeds — it’s a dream come true.

“Ever since I was a little kid I’ve dreamt of owning a Samoyed… it was once I had my own home I was finally able to get one.”

Or four!

The pups love to spend time playing with the babies.

And they even stick around for feeding time (of course).

The pups are crate-trained, Sarah says. “So they have their own personal space away from the kids and day to day life if they want.”

But sometimes, they’re willing to share.

Since Sarah works with dogs professionally, there are often more than just four dogs in the house!

“‘I also help out in rehoming and rescuing neglected or unwanted Samoyeds in Perth. While they are looking for their new homes and are being rehabilitated, they stay with our family.”

Taking care of all those coats is a lot of work.

“Grooming would be the biggest upkeep. I brush them all at least twice a week for an hour or two, they are bathed every week (Shimmer and Sebastian) when they have shows. Arthur and Aurora are bathed every few months.”


“To wash them all in a day and give them a full groom it takes me about eight hours.”

And yes, there is a lot of shedding. But it’s all totally worth it for this special family.

“Layla learnt to walk by holding onto the pups fur gently and following them around the house. She sneaks them food, they fall asleep together, read together, do almost everything together.”

“Shimmer and Layla are always running through the house playing chasey with the toys.”

Samoyeds are nicknamed “the smiling dog” because they get along so well with people, especially kids.

“‘As soon as we bought them home they were a part of the family. They learnt where they could and couldn’t go in the home (to be honest there really isn’t anywhere they can’t go) and at night they sleep wherever they like to.”

“They’re honestly the best dogs and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.”