Pregnant Mom With 3 Sets Of Twins Keeps Conceiving Naturally—And Has No Plans Of Stopping 

by Amy P
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Patty Hernandez of Charlotte, North Carolina, never thought she’d have so many babies. But life can certainly throw in some unexpected twists and turns …

Patty’s husband, Carlos, who works as a floor cleaner, came from a big family. Not only does he have 12 siblings, but twins also run in his family.

In 2008, Patty and Carlos began a decade-long journey through parenthood. The couple spent 10 years welcoming babies into the world — five boys and eight girls — and they include not one but three sets of fraternal twins!

Patty delivered baby No. 14 in May 2019. All of the kids have names that begin with the letter “C” in honor of their dad.

“Around three months after I have a baby, I usually get pregnant again,” she told SWNS. And not only that, but Patty says she conceived all of her kids naturally, without the use of IVF or any fertility treatments.

Here are just some of the Hernandez family’s stats: a $400 grocery budget, two refrigerators, 7 gallons of milk each week, 50 diapers each week, and one car.

Despite the fact Patty and Carlos’ personal and romantic lives have taken a huge hit (they barely ever go on dates or celebrate their wedding anniversary), the couple says they wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We’re just doing what God tells us to do,” Patty told SWNS. “If God wants us to have 30 kids, I’ll have 30 kids.”

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