Texas Mom Beats The Odds By Giving Birth To 6 Babies—3 Sets Of Twins—In Just 9 Minutes

by Amy Paige
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Multiple pregnancies happen when more than one embryo implants in the mother’s womb.

“Higher-order births like quintuplets and sextuplets are extraordinary pregnancies,” says Tech Times.

“There are fewer than 20 sets of quintuplets and one or fewer sets of sextuplets born in the United States each year. … The probability of carrying higher-order pregnancies such as triplets and quadruplets goes up to 4.5 times and 6.5 times, respectively.”

Babies born earlier than 37 weeks are at risk of respiratory issues, vision and hearing problems, learning disabilities, and chronic illnesses, among many other conditions — and those risks are only magnified by multiple births.

That’s what makes the following story so unbelievably incredible.

In March 2018, a Houston woman named Thelma Chiaka beat the odds of 1 in 4.7 billion with an incredibly rare birth.

In fact, experts say a person is more likely to get struck by lighting twice than to have Thelma’s type of pregnancy and labor …

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