She Bullied Everyone, Until Mom Forced Her To Wear This Dress, And Stunned Them All…

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

When a Utah mother learned her fourth-grade daughter was bullying her classmates she came up with an unconventional way to teach her a lesson. Her unusual parenting decision went viral, and caused quite the stir among parents everywhere.

Ally, who is technically the stepmother to 10-year-old Kaylee, said she learned about her daughter’s bullying through her teacher. Apparently, Kaylee would bring other girls onto the playground and call them names like “snob” and “sleaze,” mocking their outfits and making their school days emotionally painful.

Ally tried to talk with Kaylee about the issue, but nothing changed. So, she decided to visit her local thrift store and bring home the most embarrassing, old-fashioned outfits she could find! Kaylee cried and put up a fight, but she agreed to wear the ridiculous clothes to school.

Ally told Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, “If she chooses to be a bully after this, then at some point in her life, she’s going to be on the other side and she’ll know what it really feels like. And I think now that she knows what it feels like, and she doesn’t want to be that person anymore because she knows how hurtful it is.”

Considering bullying has become such a widespread problem, some parents applaud Ally for her choice. At the same time, there were many who criticized Ally’s decision, much like the mom who followed her misbehaving teen around school with a camera. They believed it was too harsh a punishment, and that it would only lead to more anger.

In the end, however, Kaylee said she learned a lot. “It’s stupid and it’s mean,” she said of bullying. “It hurts them.”

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