Mom ‘Stuck In The ’80s’ Emerges With A Sleek New Hairdo That Makes Her Feel Beautiful Again

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

As we get older, we sometimes lose track of the latest trends and we get stuck in our beauty and style habits. Years go by, and we suddenly realize that we’re not as stylish as we used to be!

What we really want is to feel beautiful, and sometimes all it takes is a little help from the pros.

That’s what mom Sandra wanted, and her daughter knew exactly how to help her. She wrote to the Rachael Ray Show and nominated her mother for a makeover by a professional stylist.

She says that she wants Sandra to feel as beautiful as how she makes others feel. Isn’t that sweet?

Sandra was then surprised with a makeover and her whole appearance changed. She previously didn’t know what to do with her hair and was wearing wigs. Now, she has a fabulous new hairdo! Her hot pink dress fit her so well, Rachael told her guest that she was going to be turning heads on the street!

This is definitely one of the most extreme makeovers we’ve seen.

But the surprise wasn’t over. As seen in the video, Sandra finally sees what she looks like when she’s in front of the audience, and she is so moved by her appearance that she can’t help but cry.

What a wonderful gift for such a deserving mother!

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