Cop Busts Mom For Stealing Groceries But Sees Her 3 Adopted Kids Are Starving And Changes Mind

by June Rivers
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Two police officers recently responded to a call made by the staff at a Food Lion grocery store in North Carolina.

A woman had been seen stealing food from inside the store.

Senior Corporal Keith Bradshaw and Officer 1st Class Candace Spragins arrived to the offender’s home, but they didn’t expect what happened next.

The woman, a mother with three adopted children, returned the $36 worth of food she’d stolen. Then, she broke down and apologized.

She proceeded to tell a heartbreaking story. And when the officers opened her refrigerator and freezer, they realized this was definitely not a crime committed out of greed.

Keith and Candace had to criminally charge the mother with theft. Afterward, however, they did something she never saw coming. They went back to the grocery store — and you don’t want to miss the rest.

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Footage provided by KNTV Las Vegas

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