Desperate Mom Runs Out Of The Only Food Her Daughter Can Eat, Until Her Community Bands Together

by Amy P
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A mom from Attleboro, Massachusetts, was desperate for help — and her community stepped up, big time.

“To go in a store and there’s aisles empty and there were only one type of a certain thing — it was so strange,” Crystal MacDonald said.

She had gone to the store to pick up her daughter’s favorite food in the whole world: SpaghettiOs With Meatballs.

Crystal’s 11-year-old daughter, Ashlyn, lives with autism and is mostly nonverbal. Those SpaghettiOs are literally the only thing she likes to eat. The dependable meal has been especially important during the pandemic, and for months it’s been the only food she enjoys.

“Yogurt can taste a little different. Grilled cheese can taste a little different. SpaghettiOs is always the same,” Crystal told CBS. “It’s her comfort because it’s the only thing that’s the same in a world of chaos.”

But when Crystal went to the grocery store to stock up on cans, she was met with an empty shelf. She searched other stores, to no avail.

Panicked, Crystal sought the help of her community through a Facebook post. She explained how she couldn’t find her family’s one essential item for their beloved Ashlyn.

The MacDonalds never expected what came next.

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