Mom Is Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s, But Son Hands Her Guitar So They Can Sing Together Again

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When Brian Ridings was young, he sang duets with his mother.

Once his mother got sick with Alzheimer’s disease, however, Brian and his siblings decided to move their mother into an assisted living facility where she could get the care she needed.

One day, while driving home from work, Brian went to visit his mother. Brian had continued singing with his mother throughout her illness, but he had never recorded their duets before this moment.

Friends on Facebook were asking Brian if they could see one of his precious performances with his mother, so he decided to record them singing together — both for friends and himself.

In the video, Brian’s mother plays the guitar perfectly despite her Alzheimer’s disease.

Mother and son harmonize, and together they sing “The Wayfaring Pilgrim.”

Brian has a huge smile on his face throughout the video — it’s clear how much this sweet moment with his mother means to him. It warmed my heart, and I found myself smiling just like Brian.

Brian says that singing with his mother helps him reconnect with her throughout her battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He remarks, “When we sing together I feel like the son again and for a few moments she is the mom I have always known and she comes back to me in that moment.”

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