Daughter Starts Playing Piano In Cathedral, But Has No Idea Mom Is Recording Her From Behind

by Mauricio Castillo
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Sometimes, the best performances occur when the performer thinks nobody is watching them.

Or, in the case of Shukrananda Gant, the best performance occurs when only your family is watching.

This past Boxing Day in Lincoln, England, Gant accompanied her mom, Karen Courtney, and her two nieces to the Lincoln Cathedral.

Upon arriving, Gant saw an empty piano.

“Mum, listen to my new song I’ve just written. It’s called ‘In the Beginning,'” she said to her mom.

Then Gant began to play.

With a powerful, beautiful voice accompanied by the soothing tones of the piano, Gant’s stunning performance resonated throughout the halls of the cathedral.

Of course, she thought it was just her and her family members, but little did she know, Courtney had pulled her phone out and began to record.

“She doesn’t know I recorded it, but I just wanted to share the beauty in her voice, and because I love her,” her mom said.

In the video below, you can tell how blissfully unaware Gant is that her mom is recording her.

She is completely immersed in the song, swaying to the music.

What makes it even more impressive is that Gant wrote and performed the song all by herself, but she sings it as if she’s a seasoned veteran of music.

Because of her mom’s recording, now everyone will get to see Gant’s amazing performance!

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