Mom’s Ring Finger Is Ripped Off In Freak Accident When Wedding Band Gets Caught On Fence

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

A freak accident at a baseball field led to a mom being rushed to the hospital after her finger came clean off her hand.

A mom named Chelsey Brown was enjoying her 3-year-old son’s T-ball game with her husband when she decided to get up off the bleachers and walk a little closer to the baseball field for a better view.

The mom put her hand on a metal fence to her left and stepped down. But somehow, her wedding rings got caught on a part of the fence, and she kept moving.

“When I came down, my wedding ring got caught,” she said. “I hopped down, and my finger stayed there, and I instantly just dropped.”

At first, Chelsey thought she’d cut herself. But when she looked down, she saw that the ring finger on her left hand wasn’t there.

“I was thinking: We need to get to the hospital as quick as possible,” her husband said.

Chelsey is in good spirits now and laughs about it, but at the time, she said it was the worst pain she’s ever been in.

She even jokes that her ring may be cursed, because she and her husband were divorced before getting remarried using the same wedding bands.

Now, Chelsey hopes her accident can serve as a warning to others about the unexpected dangers that can arise for those who wear wedding rings. And while it is a freak accident, similar injuries affect up to 150,000 people each year, making it an important message.

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