Mom Rented Misbehaving Teen Daughter A ‘Pregnancy Suit’ To Wear At The Mall

by Amy Paige
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Karen appeared on Dr. Phil in the hopes he’d be able to help get through to her 17-year-old daughter, Emma.

Karen claimed Emma had turned into a hard-partying teen whose grades were slipping. Emma was lying, defiant, and talking back to her. Karen also said Emma was sexually active but had no steady boyfriend.

There were all sorts of incidents. For example, Karen says she found Emma’s older boyfriend hiding in her bedroom closet in the middle of the night. She also had to take away the secret phone Emma had been using to talk to him and her friends.

It seemed like no form of discipline was effective.

So Karen took Emma to the mall and rented a pregnancy suit for Emma to wear in public. “It was to try and teach her that with actions come consequences,” Karen told Dr. Phil.

Emma was left “mortified” by the fake baby bump.

“What I did next was outrageous,” Karen admitted. She posted a video to Emma’s Snapchat account to directly address the friends (via an expletive-filled rant) who she felt were enabling her daughter’s bad behavior. The video went viral and sparked a heated debate.

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