Mom Refuses To Go In Public Without Makeup. 50 Years Later, Millions Watch Her Reveal Naked Face

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Christopher Hopkins, aka The Makeover Guy, is known for giving beauty makeovers to anyone who will let him.

“My mission is to reveal the inner beauty of women who think old age is a hindrance,” he writes on YouTube.

No one exemplifies Christopher’s mission more than his very own gorgeous and glamorous mom, Joann. Christopher explains that, his whole life, he watched her put her face on each and every morning. In fact, no one ever saw Joann without her beloved makeup!

“She always said she’d rather answer the door without her clothes than without her makeup,” says Christopher.

Of course, Christopher thinks his mother is beautiful with or without the help of cosmetics. At 73 years old, Joann finally agreed to bare it all for her son’s popular YouTube channel.

In the clip below, Joann removes her makeup (and wig!) before showing Christopher and his viewers what her process looks like from scratch.

One thing is for sure: makeup or bare-faced, Joann is absolutely stunning… and I loved seeing her transformation.

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Video Credit: The Makeover Guy / Website / YouTube

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