Mom Left In Tears At Water Park After Manager Kicks Her Out And Calls Police For Breastfeeding

by Amy Paige
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Misty Daugereaux, a 32-year-old registered nurse, took her children on a nice visit to a community swimming pool in Texas.

She never thought her day in the sun would end in tears.

While nursing her 10-month-old baby, Misty was shocked when the pool manager came over with a request for her to “cover up.”

A wave of hurt and humiliation rushed through her. She refused the demands, which led the staff to call the cops. They accused Misty of exposing both her breasts and cursing at them in anger.

Misty actually felt relieved when police first arrived; she assumed the officers would quickly take her side.

After all, Texas state law says she is “entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.”

Unfortunately, she did not get the response she expected. The officer’s body camera footage showed a heated confrontation between Misty, a pool manager, and a lifeguard before the officer asked Misty to take her children, gather up her belongings, and leave the pool at once.

“I have a right to feed my baby!” the emotional mother cried. “I don’t stand for a lot. but I will stand for that.”

After the video went viral, a group of local moms gathered at the community pool with a message for those who kicked Misty out.

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