Mom Feels Cold And Wet While Sitting On Bed And Instantly Knows Son Won’t See His Next Birthday

by Lindsey Smith
Lindsey is from Florida and has worked in online and print media. Her happy place is Michaels craft store.

Most people are probably familiar with fortune tellers and those who say they can predict the future.

Although she didn’t read a crystal ball, Judi Baier joined Oprah on her show to talk about the premonition she’d had about her own son’s death.

Judi had just returned home from her two sons’ birthday party when, all of a sudden, she got very cold.

“I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, and I remember getting horribly cold and wet,” Judi explained. “I said, ‘My son will never have another birthday… Scott will never have another birthday.'”

Judi said her boyfriend, Richard, didn’t think much of it when it happened.

The feeling was not unusual for the mom. She explained to Oprah that she “could feel the angel of death” during her own mother’s 75th birthday party.

“It is a very definite feeling,” she told Oprah.

On November 9, 1988, the mom woke up in the middle of the night, crying hysterically. She’d had a vision of her son’s funeral. A little less than two weeks later, Judi found her son at his home. He was dead.

“I walked into my son’s home the morning of November 22, 1988, and my son was dead on the couch,” Judi said. “He apparently had a cardiac arrest in his sleep.”

Judi added that her son had just had gone to the doctor and been declared completely fine!

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