This Clever Mom Marked Her Baby’s Monthly Milestones Using Slices Of Pizza

by Angela Andaloro

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for fun ways to document their babies’ milestones. Long gone are the days of hauling your children to JCPenney and hoping they don’t lose it before the camera shutters once or twice.

Photographers are so much more accessible now, and they’re willing to work with families to bring some interesting and fun visions to life.

One mom who is also a photographer has stolen the show with her collection of milestone shots for her second son.

Dani Giannandrea is a mother of two and photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland. She recently shared a photo project that she’s been working on for the last year, starring her youngest son, Lorenzo.

Baby Lorenzo was born on February 10, 2018. To celebrate his first birthday, she shared the creative monthly milestone photo shoots she’d staged with him. Instead of a typical sign marking Lorenzo’s month, she used slices of pizza. The resulting photos are both hilarious and adorable.

Dani Giannandrea is a mom of two boys. She’s also a photographer in the Baltimore, Maryland, area.

Her son, Lorenzo, celebrated his first birthday on February 10. Dani decided to release something special to celebrate her son’s first year.

All year long, she’d been working with Lorenzo to create some pretty unique monthly milestone photos. She decided to forgo the usual signs and stickers in favor of something so much better.

Each month, Dani posed Enzo on an open pizza box. The slices next to him represented the number of months of his life he was celebrating.

The photos have been going viral since Dani posted them. People are loving the special approach she took.

Dani explained to Romper that the idea came after Enzo’s grandma suggested an ode to his Italian name. Dani briefly thought about using paper plates that were designed like slices of pizza to make it easier.

Then she really thought about it and realized it was a good excuse to get a pie once a month. What new parent can’t use a break from cooking every now and then?

A lot of the comments on these sweet, silly photos are parents who wish they’d thought of the idea first. Dani didn’t think it was original until she did some digging online and couldn’t find an instance of it being done before.

She’s excited to see how many parents are loving the shots. She hopes that she’ll inspire other people to come up with their own creative milestone photo shoots.

Because people frequently go with the same ideas you always see on your feed, there are so many other ideas out there still waiting to be done! A little creativity can go a long way, especially when you’re incorporating a specific reference, as Dani did.

The photos have over 2,000 shares on Facebook and just as many upvotes on Reddit. Without meaning to, Dani may have started a whole wave of foodie celebrations of baby’s first year.

Of course, we can’t give pizza all the credit for going viral. Lorenzo gets cuter and cuter each and every month!

The photos will be so fun for the little boy to look back on when he gets older. They’re also helping get the word out about Dani’s photography business, so it’s a win for everyone!

With his first year behind him, there are still plenty of milestones on little Lorenzo’s plate. We can’t wait to see the creative ways mama will capture them!