Bullies Accuse Mom Of Being A ‘1950s Housewife’ For Packing Husband’s Lunch So She Fires Back

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Marriage is all about loving and supporting one another.

Every couple approaches that differently, but the general idea tends to stay the same across the board: you want support, and your partner wants it as well.

Some couples show that love and support through date nights, others through gifts. Some show their love by doing the daily little things for each other: taking care of the laundry, walking the dog, or packing their spouse a special lunch.

So when one mom asked online for some new ideas to mix up her husband’s lunch routine, she didn’t anticipate a strong reaction.

Maddie just wanted some creative lunch options for her busy husband. Instead, she received more backlash than she could’ve ever expected.

Keep reading to learn why other moms were so upset by Maddie’s question.

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Maddie is a 22-year-old mom from Sydney. Recently, she asked a Facebook group she’s in for a little advice.

In a post, she asked, “I would love to hear what other mums make their hubbies for lunch and snacks throughout the work day. We are getting over sandwiches..”

sandwich lunch

Maddie, who packs her husband’s lunch most days, wanted to change things up. He was tired of sandwiches, but neither of them could think of something new to make.


Maddie hoped the other moms in her Facebook group could help come up with some creative lunch ideas. Instead, they turned on her.

mom cooking

Lots of moms in the group were unhappy with the idea of a wife packing lunch for her husband.

One wrote, “‘Whatever he could be bothered to make himself, which is nothing, so he doesn’t eat lunch. All is fair in love and war.”

lunch with note from mom

Another mom added, “I was married for twenty years and my favourite packed lunch for my husband was called a Get It Yourself with a side order of I’m not your mother.”

Some moms even went far as to call Maddie a slave to her husband. One mom, who used to make lunch for her husband but has since stopped, wrote,

“He was a grown single self sufficient independent man before we met… why does he get lucky (aka get a slave) and I don’t?!?! It’s enough with our children, don’t need another child, need a husband!”

burnt toast

It seems as though many moms in the group thought their husbands should fend for themselves, and that it wasn’t their problem if he couldn’t make his own lunch.

dad cooking

But when Maddie saw all the mean comments, she fired back, saying that this is her special way of showing her husband she loves him.

Maddie wrote, “You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have no idea what my husband does — he works in an extremely physically demanding job, he does housework, he cooks dinner every second night… He is a champion. The least I can do is make him a bloody sandwich. I love my man, he deserves to eat lunch and we can’t afford to eat out… When did it become a crime to look after your man…”


There were also quite a few moms in the group who supported Maddie, and a few who make lunch for their husbands as well and were willing to give some creative, tasty ideas.

One mom said,

“I work and so does my husband and I love making his lunch. We have been married 12 years and it is a nice way to let him know I care for him. Being caring is not a tradition, it is just being loving. Nice to hear others do.”

lunch bags

It seems pretty clear to me that Maddie must pack her kids’ lunch every day as well, and it probably doesn’t take her that much longer to put something together for her hardworking husband.

What do you think of Maddie’s decision to make lunch for her working husband?


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