Mom Shares Photo After Delivering Twins Via C-Section But Strangers Notice Her ‘Strange’ Stomach

by Amy Paige
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Before Kylee Austin became a mom, she was a successful fitness coach who competed in bikini competitions.

She was very confident about her body and overall health.

However, motherhood would soon change everything for the Arizona woman. First came Kylee’s son Tristan. Then she got pregnant with twins.

Kylee’s labor was induced during the 38th week, at which time her unborn twins were in breech position. She’d mentally and physically prepared for a vaginal birth, but after nearly 24 hours of intensive labor, doctors told her she needed an emergency C-section.

Kylee said she’d never been so terrified. It was the first time in her life she felt so out of control of her body.

When Kayden and Keegan arrived, Kylee was thrust into her recovery. But she struggled to accept her “new reality,” which came with stretch marks and excess skin flaps where there was once toned muscle.

Instead of hiding her new body away from the world, Kylee decided to share photos of her post-pregnancy journey on social media. Her Instagram pictures often showed her bare stomach and exercise outfits. Perhaps this would help other new moms, she thought.

A lot of the feedback was kind and supportive, but Kylee’s photos also garnered harsh and negative comments. Her “twin-bump” photos got the worst comments, like, “Oh no, I cannot believe you put that on social media,” and “That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.”

But Kylee has a message for all the haters.

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