Family Is Reeling After Nurse And Mom Of 4 Dies While Helping A Car Crash Victim On Her Way Home

by Stephanie Kaloi

Ana Kincart, a nurse and mom of four, was driving to work when she witnessed a car accident on a bridge.

She stopped to check if the victim of the accident was OK and to see what she could do to help. Then a double tragedy struck: Ana’s car was rear-ended by two additional cars while she was waiting for authorities, and this crash killed her and the person in the original accident.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family, and Ana’s family wrote a moving tribute on the page:

“Ana Marie Kincart, of Petersburg, Kentucky, died during an act of compassion and duty for a stranger on Monday, July 6, 2020, leaving behind her husband and their four children. She was 36.

“No one who knew Ana would be surprised to hear that the loving, selfless nurse spent her final moments trying to help someone — and now her heartbroken family is asking for help and prayers as they cope with this unbearable loss.”

Our hearts are ripped out. Our beautiful Daughter Ana was killed yesterday in a car crash on the Carroll Cropper Bridge....

Posted by Andy Cline on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Ana’s stepfather, Andy Cline, also described the accident in a post on Facebook:

“Our hearts are ripped out. Our beautiful Daughter Ana was killed yesterday in a car crash on the Carroll Cropper Bridge. While on her way to work she witnessed a car crash in front of her. Being a nurse she exited her car to check on the young man in the accident. He was OK but she stay to give a statement to the police. While waiting she was rear ended by two different vehicles killing both she [and the] person who was in the other accident. Please pray for my family.”

For anyone going to our memorial service for my Daughter Ana Marie, please consider bringing a camp chair of some kind as there will be limited seating.

Posted by Andy Cline on Thursday, July 9, 2020

Ana’s children also contributed their own ode to their mother:

“Our mother Ana Marie Kincart was an angel on earth, God’s gift to us all — and now she is his. She touched every person’s life that she walked into. The good and the bad, Ana would be there through it all. Because of this, there will always be a hole in our family where her light once shined.”

These are the funeral arrangements for my Daughter, Ana Kincart. We will be hosting it at the Cline Family Farm, 13887...

Posted by Andy Cline on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

“For us kids, we have lost our best friend, guide, and savior. She taught us so much about life in such a short time. Above all, Mom taught us how to love and keep faith in our hearts. She was beyond proud to be who she was and encouraged everyone around her to do the same.”

“Our mom was the kind of person who could make you feel good about yourself no matter the circumstances. ‘There is something special about every person,’ she once wrote in a journal. All she ever wanted was the best life possible for the people she loved.”

“At the end of day, all she wanted to do was hold her babies and husband. She did everything for us, and now we are all lost without her here. No one embraced life like she did — her free spirit lifted us up and filled us with joy. Through jokes, sarcasm, and horseplay, Ana had the ability to infect anyone with the happiness she carried. She was like home, a place you never wanted to leave or forget.”

“We know it’s going to be a long and hard road without her, but we will get through this together like she would have wanted us to. It is inevitable that she will be our guardian angel, always watching us down here on earth and taking care of family — what she loved most.”

“Our beautiful mother is gone, but will she forever be in our hearts until we meet again in heaven. We find hope in the prayer journal she left behind, where her words still linger to comfort us: ‘He gives you a new day, a new heart. It doesn’t matter if you are ready or not — when God says it’s time, it’s time. If you turn towards him, he runs to you and meets you.’ We will cry for you, think of you, and never forget our precious memories spent together. We love you, mommy, and can’ wait to come home to you again.”

Ana was on her way to work when she saw the crash, and she dutifully sent a photo of the wreck to her boss to explain why she would be late. She also texted, “Going to stay here to help comfort the individual in the car crash. To give a statement to police.”

Ana and her husband were also actively working toward a better life together. Her stepfather told a local news station that they were doing great: “They have a beautiful home they just purchased. She’s still paying off college loans. Raising 4 kids. Utilities, groceries. All that kind of stuff. I just don’t know how they’ll make it financially.”

He also described Ana as a woman of faith, saying that she always stopped to help others. “There are people that are not worthy of this world. God sometimes plucks the most beautiful flowers for his own.”