Mom Of 3 Stands On Corner With Neon Sign, But Then People Realize It’s For Daughter’s Education

by Tasina Berkey
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Sadly, for most students in the United States, crippling debt from college is a reality, and high tuition can prevent some of the brightest students in the nation from attending their preferred schools.

One mom is doing everything she can so that her daughter can attend school this upcoming fall.

Lori Truex, a school bus driver of 16 years and a mom of three, has a slogan for this summer, and it’s name is: “One mom, one year.”

It represents her tireless effort this upcoming summer to raise enough funds for her daughter Kendall to attend school.

Already in massive amounts of debt, Lori is spending every day of her 79-day summer putting every penny she can get into a savings account at the Omni Community Credit Union.

According to Fox 17, the funds will go toward Kendall’s first year at Michigan State University. Kendall herself graduated high school with a 4.015 GPA, and was lucky enough to have her first two years at Kellogg Community College college covered.

Kendall has some of her tuition for Michigan State covered already, but the family still needs to raise $24,152.

When the topic of parent’s not being afford to send their kids to school came up, Lori said:

“It makes you feel really bad that you’re the parent that can’t afford it, because no one is talking about it. Other parents aren’t stepping up and going, ‘Oh well, we can’t afford it either.’ It’s like this dirty little secret, and nobody wants to admit that they really can’t afford to send their kids to college.”

For now, Lori will be doing everything she can this summer to make college possible for Kendall.

In the video, while holding a sign that asks for donations, Lori got her first donation from a passerby — the first $8 toward what can hopefully be a successful mission for Kendall.

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