Outraged Mom Says School Forbids Her From Picking Up Son Because She Doesn’t Have A Car

by Mauricio Castillo
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Daryan Godley lost her car to Hurricane Harvey but, being a mom, that was no excuse for her to not be able to take her 6-year-old son to school and pick him up afterwards — even though the walk to and from school was 45 minutes each way.

“Sometimes I’ll Uber. But if I don’t have that, I’ll have an umbrella and bundle up the boys as much as I can,” she said. “His education is important.”

But Daryan recently noticed that her son’s school would to be implementing a very strict rule when it came to parents picking up their kids from school.

To avoid waiting in long car lines, some parents would park across the street and run across to get their kid. According to Pasadena Independent School District spokesman Art Del Barrio, the school made new plans to ensure children’s safety as a result, since students had been known to run in front of cars.

“It’s happened enough times that it raised a red flag that it needed to be addressed,” said Art.

But a specific rule from those new policies didn’t sit well with Daryan: She was told she could no longer pick up her son without a car. School administrators made her wait 45 minutes before releasing her son to her.

“I didn’t understand. Because I didn’t have a vehicle — why couldn’t I just walk up and get my son? That was absurd to me,” she explained.

Daryan has been left with no choice but to abide by the school’s rule and wait to get her son, but she hopes the issue can be resolved.

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Photo: FOX 26 Houston

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