Colorado Mom Of 2 Uses Her Cup Of Morning Coffee To Pay Off District’s $232K School Lunch Debt

by Amy Paige
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More school districts are resorting to public-shaming tactics in an effort to make families pay back their child’s school lunch debts.

From throwing out students’ lunches to holding graduation day over their heads, “lunch shaming” has become a real problem.

Kate Lacroix, a mother of two from Boulder, Colorado, heard about an anonymous Good Samaritan who paid off layaway items for unsuspecting shoppers. She was so inspired by this random act of kindness that she decided to make an impact in her hometown.

Kate turned her attention to the lunch debt that exists within the Boulder Valley School District.

“You hear these stories of kids who are denied lunch or parents who can’t pay the bill,” she told ABC News. “As a parent, I didn’t want people to have this psychological burden of having to pay for school lunches.”

The concerned mom was dumbfounded to learn her district’s lunch debt totaled $232,000.

She came up with an idea and shared it on Facebook, alongside a photo of a cup of free office coffee.

Kate’s idea was to swap her usual $4 cup of morning coffee with the free coffee in her office, for just one day. She took that $4, which is the average cost of one school meal, and donated it to the school’s lunch program.

The response on social media was more overwhelming than she ever could’ve imagined.

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