Parents Force Mom To Put Son Up For Adoption. 49 Years Later, He Walks Through The Door

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

For one mother, the birth of her son was a bittersweet and most likely heartbreaking time.  According to Newsflare, at the age of 20, this mom’s parents forced her to give her son up for adoption.

Now, 49 years later, she has finally reunited with the son she was never allowed to know. Another one of the woman’s children shared footage, user “Hcollierjr89,” online.

Her son had been searching for her since 1989. The reunion was 20 years in the making and all the more touching because of how long each party waited.

Watch as the mom sits in her chair. You can tell that she’s waiting for something (and her loved ones are near), and when a man walks through the door, her son records the entire thing.

You can’t make out everything that they’re saying to each other, but you can only imagine the many things that were rushing through their heads and their hearts. This was a moment they had been waiting 49 years to experience, and after 49 years apart, I’m sure that hug seemed long overdue.

A few days after reuniting with the son she had so sorely missed, she passed away. The mother was able to right a wrong and move on, but she clearly will be remembered by all of her children.

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