Mom In Abusive Marriage Places Baby For Adoption. 43 Years Later, They Find Each Other Again

by Amy Paige
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Back in the late ’70s, Annette Gajewski was in her 20s and in the process of leaving an abusive marriage.

She had just given birth to a baby girl, but because of her circumstances, she was unable to give her daughter the life she knew she deserved.

So Annette made the gut-wrenching decision to place her baby, Beth, up for adoption.

As the years passed, Annette came to the heartbreaking conclusion that she’d probably never see Beth again. But she never, ever stopped thinking about her.

Beth, meanwhile, was adopted by another family. She learned she was adopted at a very early age and constantly wondered about her biological family.

Every person she’d pass on the street, every customer standing in line at the store … she’d wonder if that was her mother.

When Beth turned 18, she attempted to obtain her adoption records. But since those records were sealed and confidential, it was nearly impossible to find any information.

Beth eventually signed up with a DNA website and started digging.

In the video below, see the tear-jerking reunion — 43 years in the making.

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