Mom Is Stunned By Music She Discovers On Eighth-Grade Son’s Computer, Then Confronts Him

by Nadine DeNinno
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Poke around on any youngster’s computer and it’s safe to say they’re up to no good. Most teens and preteens have, at one point, looked at web pages that they weren’t supposed to, engaged in questionable activity online, or worse.

While this is common, it’s still always a shock to see misbehaviors online, especially from your own kids.

This mom was innocently using her eighth-grade son’s computer when she found out that he, like many young people before him, was doing something wrong. But rather than shake her head, hide the pain of knowing her son is growing up too fast, or discuss with other parents, this mom took action and confronted her son.

It all started off when she was browsing his machine on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts when she stumbled upon his music.

While going through the songs, she found out that her son was listening to colorful and profanity-ridden music which she deemed not suitable for someone his age.

While being filmed, she appears stunned and admits she’s on the verge of tears.

“This is what he’s listening to?” she asks angrily. But then she lays it pretty hard on her kid during a heated confrontation, all of which was caught on tape by the preteen’s older sibling.

“This type of music, this is affecting your brain,” she yells at her son. “It’s turning you into a psychotic person.”

Warning, the music in this video contains language not suitable for children, obviously.

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