350-Pound Michigan Mom Commits To Working Out 30 Minutes Every Day And Loses ‘Half A Person’

by Amy Paige
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As Jamie Burton prepared to celebrate her 40th birthday, the thing that had been nagging at her was coming to the surface.

The Michigan mom says she was always overweight. By the time she hit her mid-30s, she weighed more than 350 pounds. It got to the point where she’d accepted the idea of being overweight for the rest of her life. The thought of changing her habits was more frightening than the health risks associated with obesity.

But Jamie also wanted to be the best role model she could for her three children.

Then one day, Jamie came across an ad promoting a new fitness studio near her house, and it came with a free trial session.

As a hardworking mom on a budget, the offer was too good to pass up … and she was ready for the challenge ahead.

In March 2014, a very nervous Jamie walked into Fit Body Boot Camp to take her first class. From that day on, Jamie took 30 minutes out of each and every day to focus on herself and be active. She’d try to put her kids and work to the side and get herself moving.

Little by little, the weight started to fall off. Now Jamie is half her size and is even considered “somewhat of a legend” at her local gym.

Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapids

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