Daughter Snaps Photo Of Receipt But Mom Notices Diner Secretly Charged Her For Being A Teen

by Amy Paige
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For many years, Melissa Desch and her family frequented the same diner in Wayne, New Jersey. It’s a place where “gratuities are appreciated,” but not required. At least, that’s what it says on all of its receipts.

One day, Melissa’s 11-year-old daughter Bella went to the diner with a group of her girlfriends. She ordered a milkshake and sent Melissa a photo of her signed receipt.

That’s when Melissa noticed an add charge on the bill that Bella didn’t — and Bella’s friends had similar charges on their milkshake orders, too.

Melissa had actually been to the same diner earlier in the day, yet there were no strange charges on her order.

She was so upset by this so-called “teen tax” that she refused to step foot in the diner again…

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