Hilarious Mom Lines Up Her 5 Children For The ‘Most Embarrassing Photo Shoot’ Ever

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

I think almost all teens have a knack for being embarrassed by everything Mom and Dad do.

For some parents, it can be irritating because they’re thinking, “Hey, I’m not such a dork!”

But for other parents, it’s a great opportunity to simply lean into the stereotype and really embarrass those kiddos, like this dad who started imitating his daughter’s Instagram selfies.

In fact, most parents might get offended the first couple of times that they hear how embarrassing they are, but will eventually just gleefully embrace it.

After all, it’s not about wanting to be outright mean to your kids. It’s just about having a teeny bit of fun at their expense since they think you’re “such a dork” anyway, right?

And for one mom in Alabama, having fun at her teenagers’ expense took an impressively viral turn when she posted a “back-to-school” photo on Facebook in honor of their first day back.

The reactions to the photo were impressive, and Mom’s response? Hilarious and true to form!

Check out the hysterical photos below!

For Keshia Gardner, August 4th was a very big day indeed.

It was the day, finally, that her kids would go back to school in Scottsboro, AL.

Mom, as you can tell from the pictures, is extremely excited at the prospect, literally jumping for joy.

In fact, she was so thrilled, she posted a similar picture from a slightly different angle, where she is leaping ecstatically into the air.

Meanwhile, her five school-age kids stand behind her, displaying various shades of complete and utter, “Mooooom, I can’t believe you’re doing that.”

Our favorite is the teenage boy who is literally covering his face with his hand.

Along with the selection of hilarious photos, Gardner posted a caption about what exactly is taking place in the picture.

According to her, the message is, “Happy 1st day of school, kids. I’m gonna miss y’all… Please help me share this with other parents that need a good laugh!”

Uh-huh, we’re sure that this isn’t a picture about being totally (rightfully) blissed out to have your house to yourself again.

In fact, it’s something of a tradition in the Gardner household.

Mom has been snapping these gleeful pics for a few years now.

Last year’s offering showed a similar combination of super-pumped Mom, alongside a collection of extremely unamused children.

This year’s version, however, went impressively viral, garnering over 100k reactions and thousands of comments.

Most of the folks commenting were parents in their own right, many of whom seemed to agree firmly with Gardner.

The overarching theme was that you may love your kids, but you’re also happy to get a few hours free of them once the new school year rolls around.

In fact, plenty of other similar images have been popping up across the internet, like this goofy pic of two boys looking downcast while their respective moms kick up their heels on either side!

Gardner seems to have embraced her newfound internet fame wholeheartedly, clearly getting a kick out of the whole thing.

She’s even been posting more images from her (clearly impressive) collection of pictures that will make her kids go, “OMG, MOM.”

Best of all? All of this internet fame is bound to embarrass those kids even more! We’re splitting our sides laughing over this one!

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