Mom Of 2 Learns She Has To Pay $3,600 Water Bill After Hurricane Irma Destroys Her Yard

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Hurricane Irma came and went, but the storm left a trail of damage behind. We may have stopped hearing about the floods and the high winds, but homeowners are still grappling with the destruction of their property. Some were lucky — and others were not.

All in all, most are just grateful that their loved ones were not harmed and sought shelter in time.

Mom of two Caroline Morris was lucky to escape to Alabama, but when she returned, she found that Irma had done her damage. The wind uprooted a tree, which in turn caused a water pipe to break.

Water continuously gushed out of the pipe for hours until a neighbor was kind enough to shut it off.

But this resulted over one hundred thousand gallons of water wasted that Caroline still had to pay for. She was reminded of this when she received a bill of over $3,600.

Shocked by the amount, she sought help by going through her insurance and applying for FEMA aid. She has even hired a lawyer. But so far, all she has gotten is a deadline extension. She has until December to pay the full amount.

Caroline is still looking into how she can reduce the amount she owes because of Irma’s damage, although she still counts herself lucky in many regards — after all, she and her children are safe!

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Footage provided by WFTX Fort Myers

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