Mom-To-Be Insists On Applying Full Face Of Makeup During Grueling 52-Hour Labor

by June Rivers
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Claire Hutchins admittedly never leaves home without a full face of makeup. The 27-year-old payroll manager says cosmetics simply make her feel more like herself.

When Claire learned she and her boyfriend Beau were pregnant with a baby boy, the mom-to-be prepared for the delivery day by pampering herself. The week before baby Jaxx was born she got a manicure, pedicure and eyelash extensions.

The labor lasted a grueling 52 hours. But at around the 40-hour mark, Claire caught a glimpse of her reflection. By this point, she’d been awake for three days straight. She was desperate for anything that would keep her awake and/or lift her spirits.

That’s when Claire — who was sitting in the birthing pool — asked Beau to hand her her makeup bag.

As Claire applied concealer, powder and waterproof eyeliner in the water, Beau snapped a set of bizarre and hilarious pictures.

People couldn’t believe she did that, but her friends and family say it’s just “typical Claire,” excruciating labor or not.

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