Sarah Drew Wants To Inspire Moms To Pursue Their Dreams

by Morgan Greenwald
Morgan is a writer on the branded content team who loves breakfast food almost as much as she loves dogs.

As the host of LittleThings’ latest show, Mom-in-Chief, actress Sarah Drew is making it her mission to shine a spotlight on the concept of women helping women.

Mom-in-Chief is so unique because it’s all-female run: we have female CEOs on the panel of judges, and female contestants,” Sarah said. “They bring so many amazing things to the table, and it’s neat to see the sisterhood kind of supporting each other.”

As a mom herself, Sarah was immediately drawn to the idea of a show that is not just for moms, but by moms.

“There’s something about watching a show where you have moms who have been at home or are at home, who are also kind of finding other avenues for creativity and other outlets to share their gifts,” Sarah said. “This show really spotlights that kind of a mom, and it empowers moms who are at home wanting to find new, creative outlets to give back, and a way to do it.”

Sarah’s hope is that Mom-In-Chief will inspire fellow moms to take their own ideas and turn them into businesses, too. By watching the show, moms will see that it’s possible to juggle motherhood with running a business, and that any dream is attainable if you have enough determination.

“I think people will really see themselves in these women and be empowered,” she said. “If they have an amazing idea, maybe [they’ll want to] start a company of their own.”

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