Mom With Hyperlactation Donates 600 Gallons Of Breast Milk In 2 Years, Pumping 5 Hours Per Day

by Amy Paige
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Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra, a mother of two from Beaverton, Oregon, is known in her community as the “milk goddess.” It’s a nickname she’s come to be proud of.

Elisabeth always loved the idea of donating breast milk to moms in need. After she gave birth to her first daughter in 2014, she realized she was an “overproducer” of milk.

She was such an overproducer, in fact, that Elisabeth was diagnosed with hyperlactation — a condition that makes her produce 10 times more breast milk than the average woman!

After her second daughter was born, Elisabeth found herself pumping up to five times a day, all throughout the day.

At 29 years old, the Oregon mother began producing an average of 1.7 gallons each day and spent up to 10 hours a day pumping.

Fully realizing the importance of her “liquid gold,” and with more lactation than ever before, she committed herself to donating breast milk as a full-time way of life.

In the clip below, meet Elisabeth and see just how far her donations have gone. This is absolutely incredible.

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