Mom Won’t Leave House Because Of Big Nose, Then Gets Drastic Transformation

by Emerald Pellot
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The only thing Pamela wants is to “look normal,” the mother tearfully confessed on The Doctors. Now, her wish has been granted.

“We have rarely seen a more dramatic ‘before and after’ reveal,” Dr. Travis said in awe of Pamela’s new look.

Three months ago, Pamela made her first appearance on The Doctorswhere it was determined that a rare form of rosacea made her nose grow in size after the birth of her second child.

Pamela was so embarrassed that she refused to leave the house. Her self-esteem continued to plummet because of her changing appearance.

Children would ask her what was wrong with her in public, while adults would stare, whisper, and judge her unusual appearance. Men who dated the single mother would spend time with her at night, but wouldn’t even be seen with her in the light of day.

Now, after three months of laser and pharmaceutical treatments, Pamela made a jaw-dropping return on the show. The audience roared at the first glimpse of Pamela, who looks totally different. Her nose and skin are stunning.

More importantly, Pamela now emanates confidence. As Dr. Travis stated, there have few transformations on the show quite as drastic as this one.

Kudos to the doctors who took the time and care to change this deserving mother’s life.

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