Mom Of 3 Invites Cameras Into Home After Furnishing Her Entire House For Free, Saving $26,000

by Amy P
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Cat Fletcher has a beautiful three-bedroom home in the UK, a place where she can truly create lasting memories with her 18-year-old twin daughters and 21-year-old son.

Incredibly, Cat furnished her entire home for free.

We’re talking Le Creuset pans, a six-burner range, a fancy Bosch dishwasher, and even a 15-foot palm tree for her garden, which would have cost her at least $1,000 otherwise … not to mention her furniture, clothing, bedding, and more.

None of which she paid for.

Cat, a thrifty environmentalist, spent five years turning her semi-detached home into a “shabby chic” haven by scouring websites where people give away their unwanted items.

She also shops at charity thrift stores to find just the right bargains.

She estimates she has saved at least $26,000 by her unconventional design approach. “I can maintain my home without it eating into income for food and raising three kids,” she told Barcroft. “Living the way I do allows me to live comfortably but within my means.”

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