Anguished Mom Is Finding Forgiveness For Her Husband After His Fatal Mistake With Their Twins

by Sarah Bregel
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Marissa Rodriguez is a mother who has suffered the unthinkable. She was at work one day when her husband called her to tell her about a fatal mistake he had made involving their two precious children.

He left the couple’s twins inside a hot car and they tragically both died. It’s hard to imagine going through something so utterly horrific. But this mom bravely sat down with Dr. Phil recently to talk about what happened and to share how she’s trying to stick by her husband, too.

Rodriguez choked back tears as she spoke about the accident. She brought along a tiny shoe that belonged to each child which she keeps with her to help her get through each and every day.

This incredibly brave mom has not only gone through something most of us could never imagine, but she’s also trying to find forgiveness for her husband. Of course, this situation was an accident, but this mom is still without her beautiful babies as a result of the mistake.

Marissa’s husband is a social worker and an Iraq war veteran. He went to work one day forgetting the one year old twins, Luna and Phoenix, were in the backseat. When he returned to the car after his eight hour work day, he discovered their bodies. He pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges when he appeared in court. Marissa admits it hasn’t been easy, but she’s trying hard to find forgiveness.

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