Young Mom Gets Fired 10 Days Into Brand New Job After Being Accused Of ‘Hiding’ Her Baby Bump

by Amy Paige
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Jennifer Rodriguez, 21, headed off to a job interview hoping to land a position at a Denver-based personal injury law firm.

She came prepared and ready to impress, and the interview went smoothly.

She was ecstatic to learn she got the gig.

But Jennifer claims that just 10 days later, she was swiftly fired by the law firm for a reason she never expected.

Jennifer says the attorney who initially interviewed her accused her of “hiding” her pregnancy during the interview process. At the time of the interview, Jennifer was eight months pregnant, and her baby bump was showing.

The abrupt termination left her with no source of income.

She demanded an explanation. “[H]e told me because I was dishonest with not revealing I was pregnant within my first interview or my second interview,” she told CBS.

The mom-to-be also claims the law firm employees took it upon themselves to ask her if she was “keeping the baby” or acting as a surrogate for another couple! Not only that, but she claims the law firm asked her if, should she suffer from any complications due to the pregnancy, she would decide to keep the baby.

Jennifer was so outraged by the sudden firing that she decided to hire an attorney of her own and fight back publicly…

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