Mother Who Finds ‘Drugs’ In Her Daughter’s Room Learns The Hilarious Truth

by Phil Mutz
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Parenting can be a difficult feat no matter what your child’s age.

But come high school, parents have to keep an eye out for a whole new set of problems and potential trouble.

From all appearances, Ashley Banks was a normal high schooler in Texas. Recently, Ashley texted her mother asking if she would go into her room to retrieve a calculator.

However, her mother received quite a jolt when she opened Ashley’s nightstand drawer to discover several strange-looking pills.

Shocked and appalled that her daughter would be taking drugs of any kind, this mother immediately demanded an explanation from Ashley and promised swift and severe punishment.

Fortunately, this mom was in for quite the hilarious surprise.

Scroll through below for a look at this mom’s outraged text messages to her daughter, as well as Ashley’s hilarious (and unexpected) explanation.

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Texas high schooler Ashley Banks was not expecting any trouble when she texted her mom, asking her to retrieve a calculator from her bedroom.

However, when her mother opened her nightstand drawer, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She immediately texted her daughter.

She sent this picture of several colorful pills to her daughter, which she had discovered in the nightstand.

Sadly, she knew the only explanation for their existence had to be that her daughter was using drugs.

This mom demanded: “What are these?”

“Ashley Carol I will not have drugs in my house. Come home right now. As soon as your dad comes home from California we will discuss your consequences. As for now you’re grounded and you will not be leaving the house, come home this instant.”

However, Ashley’s mom never expected this response…

After having a good laugh, Ashley messaged her mother: “Mom they aren’t drugs, lol.

“Go put them in water.”

Her mom asked: “Why?”

“Just do it, lol.”

And very quickly, Ashley’s mom realized the truth.

Her mom sent Ashley a photo of the results saying: “Nevermind. You don’t have to come home.”

“Bahahaha Mom OMG!”

“Why in the Earth would you buy these? I thought you were 16 not 7?”

“[I don’t know] they looked cool.”

While they may have looked like some kind of colorful pills, these were actually magic grow capsules that produce foam creatures when placed in water.

After Ashley posted her text conversation on Twitter, her story went absolutely viral, being retweeted more than 30,000 times.


Now the world can join in the laugh that this mother had over the “drugs” she found in her daughter’s nightstand drawer.

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