Mortified Mom Searches For Woman Who Fell Victim To Toddler’s ‘Rolling Poo’ In Public Bathroom

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Parenting comes with lots of obstacles — and plenty of embarrassing moments.

After all, kids don’t seem to have the same kind of social anxiety as adults do. They are usually willing to do and say just about anything, no matter how “embarrassing” their parents might think it is.

But one mom in the UK might just win the award for “all-time most embarrassing moment with a child” — and of course, it happened in a bathroom.

According to SWNS, Louise Issac and her 2-year-old daughter found themselves in a pretty stinky situation in a public restroom.

Louise is currently potty training her 2-year-old. While they were out shopping, Louise’s baby girl informed her mother that she had gone to the bathroom in her pants, so Louise rushed them to the nearest public bathroom to clean her up.

There were no baby-changing stations, so Louise and her kids had to pack into a stall. But Louise didn’t realize just how dire the situation was until she pulled down her daughter’s Pull-Up.

Just then, her daughter’s poo quite literally “rolled” out of the Pull-Up, onto the floor, and over to the next bathroom stall!

Louise quickly reached over and picked it up — but there was someone in that stall.

Louise later posted about the mishap on Facebook, hoping to find the woman in the next stall so she can apologize. She hasn’t found the woman yet, but this funny situation has resonated with thousands of other moms. The post about it has been shared thousands of times — with one mom calling it “the funniest thing I have read all year.”

While the situation may have been embarrassing at the time, moms all over the world can definitely relate.

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