Woman Is Pregnant With Very Rare Triplets, But When Doctors See Her Placenta, They’re Stunned

by Barbara Diamond
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Sammi Edes of Melbourne, Australia, thought she was having twins. However, the 29-year-old was shocked to discover there were actually three heartbeats.

Identical triplets are exceptionally rare, and Sammi considered herself very lucky. But at her 20-week scan, Sammi’s obstetrician told her that terminating her smallest baby might be for the best.

Since baby Thomas was not developing properly, he posed a risk to his two brothers. The triplets were sharing Sammi’s placenta, which was connected to each of the babies’ umbilical cords. Each baby required enough access to the placenta so they could receive the blood, oxygen, and nutrients they needed to grow.

Thomas clearly wasn’t getting enough access to Sammi’s placenta while his two other brothers were.

Doctors came up with a remarkable way to visually demonstrate what was going on inside of Sammi’s body, by dyeing her placenta using different colors of ink. Through this process, they could show her the difference between the amount of placenta Geoffry and Hunter (the bigger babies) received in comparison to Thomas.

The fascinating image of the dyed placenta definitely delivered the message. In a shocking turn of events, Sammi refused to terminate Thomas.

Sammi posted a photo of her dyed placenta on Facebook and wrote, “I thought I would share this picture with all of you guys as it’s something we as mums don’t really ever get to see and this is our babies’ lifeline when inside us — it’s pretty amazing to think that was keeping them alive.”

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